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Why I am depressed and lonely

  Do you often ask yourself questions like ‘Why I am depressed and lonely’?, ‘Why do everyone else have lots of friends and always have some social engagement to go to?’, ‘Why do I feel … [Read More...]

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Happiness is a Choice- 8 Simple Tips to be genuinely happy

Happiness is a CHOICE. Living in a world filled with prejudice, violence, jealousy, poverty and hate, one may question how we can ever find genuine happiness in the mist of all these. However, it is possible, if you make a personal decision to make your world a happier and better place for you and the […]

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Don’t Worry be Happy – 5 Simple Tips to Stop Worrying

Let’s face it, there will always be something to worry about. Will there be a recession coming soon and your job may be at risk? Did you forget to submit a report that was due yesterday? Are you worried that your friend might get angry with you because you disagreed on something? Some worries are […]

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How to Find Your Real Self Again

On the surface it seems like an odd idea that you could actually be anything other than your real self. But from since the time we were born, we have been programmed to learn to “fit in” in society or do/like what our parents want us to do/like.  We find ourselves conforming to what others feel […]