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We are all hoarders but for some it spirals out of control

By Paul Salkovskis, University of Bath and Sinead Lambe, University of Bath Hoarding looks weird and is often cruelly parodied on television, where shows suggest that the solution to a compulsive desire to keep stuff is simply a matter of heroically chucking it out. But for those of us studying and working with people who […]

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The Definition of Happiness

By Brandielee Baker The word happy is continuously used to describe the quality of what we want in our lives. The interesting thing is that when asked to outline our terms of happiness, we struggle to provide actual DETAILS. Why? Because the term happiness is used as a generic ideal, a concept or quality that […]

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Stop the Stigma: The Realities of Mental Health

Originally published on Everyday Feminism and re-published here with their permission. There are some widespread misconceptions about mental health disorders. People think the cure for depression is to “keep your chin up,” that addiction is simple weakness, and that obsessive-compulsive disorder is humorous. Let’s set the record straight about how this stigma actually affects the […]