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Overcome Anxiety With Self Hypnosis

Whenever you hear the word "hypnosis", you may be skeptical to try it because of the common misconception that it can used to manipulate a person to do things beyond a one's control.  However, … [Read More...]

Healthy Mind

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How to Find Your Real Self Again

On the surface it seems like an odd idea that you could actually be anything other than your real self. But from since the time we were born, we have been programmed to learn to “fit in” in society or do/like what our parents want us to do/like.  We find ourselves conforming to what others feel […]

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Real vs unreal happiness: Do you know the difference?

What do you think is considered real happiness? Is it that elated feeling you have when you finally go for your well deserved holiday after long hours at the office? Is it that exhilaration when you finally get that promotion? Or the excitement when the delivery of your precious online purchases arrives? Real happiness is […]

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15 things you don’t need to do – To be happy!

We often hear advise on the many things that we SHOULD do to be a better and happier person. So here are 15 simple things that you should learn NOT to do, to also help you achieve personal happiness: #1 You don’t need to keep posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to prove to the world […]