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6 Foods To Improve Brain Memory Power

By Abhijeet Choudhury You’ve probably heard that certain foods can help your memory improve, and will allow you to think with better clarity. “But what foods are actually considered brain foods?” you may ask. Believe it or not, there are a copious amount of foods that protect your brain, improving how good it’ll work, and […]

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Eating healthily on a budget

There’s seems to be a common misconception that eating healthily is only for people who can afford it. This is not surprising when price tags in the organic section of the supermarket tend to makes your eyes pop and you start making jokes about how the free ranch chickens that provided you with that 17 […]

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Health Check: how food affects mood and mood affects food

By Kate Flinders, Defence Science and Technology Organisation Eating good food promotes overall health and well-being, but what you eat may also impact how you feel. Research suggests that not only can the food you eat affect your mood, but that your mood may influence the foods you choose to consume. Enjoying a wide variety […]