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How to Do Meditation – In One Day

By Robert Wiley How To Do Meditation – Meditation is harder than many people realize What seems like sitting quietly is actually a mentally rigorous activity, one that many people struggle with over a period of weeks and even years in some cases. As you develop your practice, you will find that you do better […]

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Suicide And Taking Control Before It’s Too Late

By Benjipie C Johnson It can be quite difficult to deal with suicidal thoughts and for this reason many people have ended up taking their own lives. The thoughts are usually inhibited in people who suffer from depression leading to unrelenting despair difficult to control. The suffering and hopelessness makes suicide look as the best […]

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We are all hoarders but for some it spirals out of control

By Paul Salkovskis, University of Bath and Sinead Lambe, University of Bath Hoarding looks weird and is often cruelly parodied on television, where shows suggest that the solution to a compulsive desire to keep stuff is simply a matter of heroically chucking it out. But for those of us studying and working with people who […]