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Is bullying worse than child abuse when it comes to mental health?

Jennifer Wild, University of Oxford Anyone who has ever been nastily teased or bullied in the playground will remember how it made them feel. Now a new study shows that bullying during childhood is as harmful as abuse. For some people, it is even worse than abuse. The research, carried out by Dieter Wolke from […]

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How reading a little each week is a form of life support

Josie Billington, University of Liverpool One in three adults in the UK – or 16m people – rarely or never read for pleasure. A new survey of 4,164 adults, including both those who read and those who don’t, found that adults who read for just 20 minutes a week are 20% more likely to feel […]

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Explainer: what is cognitive behaviour therapy?

Peter McEvoy, Curtin University If you or someone you care about experience an emotional problem it won’t be long before you hear that cognitive behaviour therapy, or CBT, is probably the treatment of choice. Research over the last 40 years or so has found CBT to be helpful for all manner of problems, including anxiety, […]